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Nelson Mullins

At Nelson Mullins, we have experience advising clients how to make safer products, comply with federal and state product safety laws, and protect their brand. We counsel businesses on risk assessment and management; compliance with state and federal requirements for consumer and automotive products; product safety incident reporting and recalls; importation of consumer products; and other issues under the jurisdiction of the CPSC and NHTSA.
Whether the context is product evaluation, regulatory enforcement, or civil litigation, our team is dedicated to ensuring compliance and evaluating each case to devise a strategy designed to deliver the most effective result. To that end, we advise product manufacturers, retailers, importers, and distributors regarding product safety, reporting issues, government investigations, risk assessment, corrective action plans, supply chain management, effective product recall campaigns, and labeling, packaging, and warranties.
We partner with in-house legal teams under a variety of arrangements designed to serve both long-term, company-wide product safety goals and to promptly resolve individual reporting obligations, investigations, and recalls.